Saturday, September 25, 2010


I remember in 5th grade my teacher Mrs. Peterson asked us to write a Haiku - the 17 syllable
poem with 5 . 7 . 5 syllables per line.  Ridiculous.  I woke up last night and heard the leaves blowing and thought of Mrs. Peterson.  Okay, no laughing, here goes:

Aspens in the fall
Rustling secret whisperings
Like wings of angels

Okay, lame.  But stuck in my head.   R.I.P. Mrs. Peterson.

My Foot, Her Foot

I never realized I took so many pictures of feet!

Morgan summer happy feet
Cranberry, Pennsylvania

Morgan beach foot
Blue Hill, Maine

Brenda pool foot
Taber pool, Blue Hill, Maine

Brenda and Morgan cowboy feet
Ketchum, Idaho

Morgan tired feet
Patio deck, Elkhorn, Idaho

Lobster foot
Somewhere in Maine

Brenda's ski boots don't fit Morgan feet

Morgan trampoline feet
Neighbor's yard, Idaho

Happy Mother's Day feet 

Rain feet
Boise, Idaho

Walking away feet 

Morgan at the park feet
Hulen Meadows, Idaho 

John taking nap foot

Thursday, September 23, 2010


We have a new cat.  Her name is Patches.  What is more adorable than kids and pets?

I love the shirt - Trouble Finds Me.
A gift from Morgan's Godfather, John Williams.

What could be more cozy - 
a bean bag, blanket, and my cat.

Patches sleeps in Morgan's space helmet.
Cats!  In!  Space!

These two are inseparable!


Crazy straw glasses, ski hat, and cat.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Picnic on the Mountain

One sunny day we thought we would ride the gondola to the top of Baldy Mountain for a picnic.

Chicken and smoothies.  Yumm-o.  Check out that view!

After lunch we hiked a bit to see what we could see.

We saw lots of these sweet butterflies, but they looked
to be stuck in the mud.  : (

Here's Morgan, pretending to be a pioneer woman at
her new homestead.

Back to the gondola for the ride back down.

John and Morgan

Brenda and Morgan

Riding back down, gorgeous!

Back to school

Who remembers school lunches?  Sometimes my mom used to put a note in my lunch that said "I love you".  Morgan can't read yet, so maybe I can make a note with a heart and a smiley face.