Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Before and After - Hummingbird Tile

Remember my vision for the Hummingbird Tile in the guest bathroom?  Now the vision is a reality!  Thank you to Collett Pruitt, Regional Manager at Wall 2 Wall , who was able to obtain these last 8 Italian hand painted tiles in the United States!

First we ripped out the existing backsplash.  The original backsplash was bright yellow.

Collett printed color copies of the bird tiles and I cut them out and taped them to the countertop for placement ideas.

I stood on the potty to take this one for a better visual.

Once I decided this was what I really wanted, had all the tiles torn out.  It was scary ugly.

When the new tiles arrived we practiced placing them before the glue and grouting began.  I panicked.  I called Collett.

The almost finished product.  Just need to trim the top.

As my sister-in-law Luciana would say, "I love!"

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  1. Pretty little birds! Now, make it look very realistic by hanging a hummingbird feeder :-)


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