Saturday, March 27, 2010

I have a barn!  It has 2 stalls for horses, a front room, a back room, and a loft.  It's adorable!  I don't want horses, but it would be so cool for a studio, with a pottery wheel and a kiln, and Morgan will love playing in here I'm sure.  And it has water and electricity.  Party barn!  Camp outs!  Give me some ideas of what else I can do with this great space.  Did I mention spectacular mountain views?


  1. Oh, nice! Does it have windows? Good light? Maybe add a skylight or two? You could call it Pottery Barn - ha, guess that name is taken already. You can have your painting studio, too. Paint it a nice light color inside to reflect light. Oh, I'm jealous -- what a great space!! I'm sure you will have some great ideas.


  2. I have been corrected - the "front room" is called the tack room.


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