Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Longest Road Trip

Last year we drove from Blue Hill, Maine to Sun Valley, Idaho.  It took us 7 days.
Here is Morgan on Day 1.  She looks pretty happy!  Let's go!

Day 3, and still pretty happy!  She is easily amused by playing with her feet.
This was our easiest drive day, we drove from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Columbus, Ohio.

Day 4.  She is sporting sunglasses and she has snacks.
This trip is going to be so easy!
Today was a little harder drive, Columbus, Ohio to Kansas City, Missouri.

Day 5.  We are starting to get cranky.  Really cranky.
If I hear "Are we there yet" one more time I'm going to flip out.
Crazy long drive from Kansas City, Missouri to Denver, Colorado.
Both Morgan and I had melt downs in Kansas.  We cried.

Day 6.  She actually said "I can't take it any more".  Me too.
Denver, Colorado to Salt Lake City, Utah.
Just one more day!  Let's go!  Pep talks didn't work.

Morgan said next time she will drive her own car.

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  1. I loved every single photo!! BUT, I'll bet the drive from Sun Valley to Granite Bay seemed even longer............you know the drive I'm talking about - the one with the apple core in the door.


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