Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Skiing with Morgan

This girl has a lot of gear!  It is truly an event to get everything together - her stuff, my stuff, extra stuff.  Lucky for us, Dollar Mountain is only 5 minutes away.  And my husband bought me a very stylish bag to tote all of our gear.  Morgan's skis are so short, I think they could fit in my pocket.

As Spongebob would say, I'm Ready!  I'm Ready!

This sign is great.  I never saw signs like this back in Pittsburgh!

Have a great day.  


  1. Love the ski sign. Would like to add it to me collection of signs in the garage! Morgan looks more than ready :-)

    And, hey, thx for stopping by my blog, too!

  2. The sign has hinges so they can close it when not applicable. How handy!

  3. So, what Rose needs is a "bear crossing" sign.......flip it up if you see the bear in the mailman's birdfeeder, then flip it down when he wanders off?

  4. I laughed so hard after reading those emails! :-) Miss you guys!


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